Readings and Services:

Life Path Connection Reading: 30 minute minimum/$50 (First Time Clients)
If you are new to the metaphysical sciences, I suggest this reading as an introductory appointment.  You'll receive Palmistry, Numerology, and Sun Sign Astrology.  It's a fun way to introduce you to what working with a psychic and life coach can do for you!

*Note: changes appear in your palm approximately every six months


*Complete Name & Birthday Numerology, Palm, and Tarot reading: 60 minute minimum/$120
What is Numerology? Simply put, it is the science of divining information about a person, place or date. By uncovering the mystery of your name and birth date, you will learn what will fulfill your soul (hearts desire), your personality and your Destiny! You will also learn what challenges and karmic lessons you are here to learn!  It is a powerful tool in truly understanding yourself, and how you can use your gifts and talents.  With this knowledge you can make solid decisions on the right type of work or career would suit you, how to improve your health, and even finding the right mate! It will literally open your mind and change your life!

Tarot and Oracle Card Readings: 30 minute minimum/$65

There are times when we need clear cut answers to our questions. The Tarot connects with your subconscious and brings the real issues to light.  I have two different decks that I use with great success to provide my clients with the answers they are seeking. Also, if you love angels as much as I do then, you will enjoy the message from the angels.  The reading provides further insight into your issue and brings a smile to your face and peace to your heart

Phone Readings:

Can't make it in person or don't live in the area?  No problem!  I also offer phone, Skype or FaceTime readings!


"Thank you so much Connie for the time I spent with you.  I invested in myself.  I purchased 4 sessions with Connie.  I went in with an open mind and heart.  After ever session, as I reflected, I realized that I felt more grounded with a new direction in  my life.  I looked forward to my weekly sessions as it felt like a session with a special friend that guided me with a knowingness about her. 

After my 4 sessions, I walked away with a much clearer path to journey on. I will be going back through the year to check in for sure.  Thank you so much for your personal gifts in life."

Shannon Martinez, WA

Parties, Gatherings and Corporate Functions:

Do you have a Girls Night Out, Birthday, Anniversary or holiday party coming up? What about a Corporate Event?  DJ's and music are awesome, but what about offering your guests something a little more mysterious and fun! I provide enlightening Palm and/or Tarot readings for you and your guests!  They are quick and fun.  Your friends and guests will be talking about them long after the party is over!

Price for Parties and Gatherings of 10 guests or more:
$120.00/hour with a 2 hour minimum

$25 Travel Fee
*$65 for additional 30 minutes thereafter
4 hour maximum
Have a smaller group? You can all receive an even longer reading
Smaller groups of 2-8:

$55/30 minute or $30/15 minute per guest.  

Ready to book your party or gathering? 

Call now: 253-224-1322

Life Path Connection Reading:

30 minute minimum

Psychic Readings in Tacoma, WA

Prices for readings:
$50/30 minutes (First time clients only)
$120/60 minutes

I accept all major credit cards Apple Pay Android Pay!


Primary Tacoma location Days and Hours:
Wednesday - Saturday 1pm - 6pm


Sorry, no walk-ins

My Gig Harbor Location:
Blue Moon Massage and Wellness Spa:
7700 Pioneer Way STE 101
Gig Harbor, WA.
If you are in the Gig Harbor area call to arrange an appointment today!

Connie Rose

Intuitive Life Consultant

DISCLAIMER: Connie Rose and her services are entertaining and educational in nature and should be viewed as such.  This information is for individual and private purposes.  It is not intended for medical or psychological diagnosis or prognosis.  Connie Rose does not claim to cure or treat disease.

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